Ballot Report

The Ballot was run on the 28th November 2016 and a results email was sent to every Applicant on the system. If you are an Applicant who did not receive an email please contact the Ticketing Officer. All the information you require should be visible on the main site.

Headline Points

● All applicants on the system were able to get a single ticket
● All current members and recent alumni received their first choice ticket
● Dining tickets sold out first
● The last Dining ticket was allocated to an alumni (ie. stage 3).
● The last Non-Dining ticket was allocated to a current member of College (ie. stage 4)
● No applicant received three tickets (The most was 2 and the average was 1)


This was the first year a ballot based system has been run at Magdalene. Overall it worked as intended, the ballot has smoothed the distribution profile ensuring a wide range of people had their first choice of ticket. It also coped with high overall demand since demand outstrippped supply this year by a significant margin.
Despite timing being irrelevant there were sharp demand spikes on the first and last days of the Ballot. This prevented any accurate information about ticket forecasts being readily available. Had the ballot closed a day earlier the majority of third tickets would have been accepted.
Moving forwards the data and demand patterns will be useful to compare the three most obvious strategies: Multi-batch distribution, first past the posts and a full ballot system. Feedback from this ticketing cycle will be considered.

Waiting List

The waiting list is now available for Applicants to use. Applications will be processed in batches as spelt out in the information page when tickets are cancelled or returned. The waiting list will operate in a first come first served format.

Questions or feedback

If you have any questions please contact Robert at