Applications to work at the Magdalene May Ball 2017 are now closed.

Magdalene May Ball (Wednesday 21st June) is looking for enthusiastic workers to help deliver a fantastic May Ball for everyone. We do not operate on a half-on, half-off policy, but workers are paid an extremely competitive rate to compensate for this! Besides senior positions, no prior experience of working at Balls or similar events is necessary, as full training will be provided.

Before the Ball

Set-up worker

You can apply to work on either the 19 th or the 21st (or both)
19th June (6 hours, times tbc), £40
You will be helping the production company to bring in their equipment (think stages/lights/speakers), as per instructions from them and the Committee.
21th June 1100-1500, £30
You will help with setting up before the Ball as per instructions from the Committee. This could include moving furniture, props etc. You must be prepared to process instructions and do some heavy lifting!

After the Ball

Clear-up worker

22nd June 0900-1300, £30
An essential job helping the committee clear up after the Ball. It could include collecting rubbish, moving furniture and removing all signs of a night of revelry from the College grounds.

During the night

General worker

You can be assigned one or two of the following roles. (Indicate preference in the application form if you have any). You have the option of applying for the earlier shift (1700-0600, £85) or the later shift (2100-0700, £65). All roles get a 30minute break during the night.

Bar worker

You will primarily be assisting professional bartenders in preparing and serving drinks. Prior bartending experience is advantageous but not mandatory as training will be provided.

Catering assistant

Your main roles include serving champagne to guests on arrival and serve food through the night. You will work closely with the Food Officer. As this role involves interacting with guests, those with a cheerful and enthusiastic personality are encouraged to apply. Prior experience in similar roles is advantageous but not necessary as training will be provided.

Glassware worker

This is one of the most important jobs as you will be responsible for ensuring that the bars are well stocked with glassware. You will collect all used glassware, take them to be washed and then returned to the bars. This can be a demanding job as you will need to be on the move constantly.

Ents runner

You will work closely with the Ents Officer to escort performers from their green rooms to the stage and back. You will need to make sure all the equipment is in order for the acts and help ensure things run smoothly. This is a high pressure job as there will be a strict time schedule to adhere to as well as deal with any incidents that may arise. Communication skills, problem solving skills and the ability to work professionally in a team are assets to this job.

Fire warden and hospitality

Your job is to answer any questions guests may have, guide them to venues etc. You will also be responsible to ensure the safety of guests by watching out for security breaches, fires, broken glass etc. You will be working closely with the Security Officer and the professional security company. As this too involves working with guests, a friendly and warm personality is essential.

Ticketing assistant

Your job is to help the Ticketing Officer at the start of the night by admitting guests to the Bal l. You need to be thorough, yet courteous and friendly as you will be the first to welcome the guests. You will be under pressure, but it will be fun working as part of a vibrant team. After you finish, you will be assigned to a second job for the night.

Senior positions

Supervisors (1700-0700, £100)

These roles require prior experience of working at Balls or similar leadership positions. All supervisors are assigned a team for which they will be responsible through the night. Supervisors will work directly with the Security officer and are required to liaise with one another, the Security Officer and the Security company. Good communication skills, working under pressure and being able to make decisions on the spot are an absolute must for these roles.

Stage Managers (2100-0600, £80)

These roles require prior experience either in the music/performing arts worlds or as ents runners or in similar leadership positions. You will be assigned a stage and will be responsible for making sure the stage is set-up correctly for each act and for managing the ents runner for that stage .

Please direct any queries to Teja at

We are also looking for talented professional and amateur photographers to work at the Ball. Please email a portfolio to to apply.