One of the following must be worn:

Evening Tailcoat

  • Black single-breasted tailcoat with silk (ribbed or satin) facings, sharply cut-away at the front;
  • A thin, white marcella bow tie;
  • Matching black trousers, trimmed with braid or satin on the outside of each trouser leg;
  • White stiff-fronted shirt with a cotton pique dickey, boiled or heavily starched, with double cuffs;
  • White low-cut waistcoat (usually cotton pique);
  • Black polished or patent lace-up shoes with black laces or court pumps and dress socks;
  • Silver or white shirt studs and cufflinks;
  • A white handkerchief; and
  • (Encouraged) white gloves, white scarf, black silk top hat, opera cloak, cape or overcoat for outdoors and a black cane.

Ball Gown

  • Full-length ball gown (knee- or calf-length dresses will not be deemed acceptable);
  • Evening gloves (encouraged but not compulsory, and should be opera length);
  • Evening bags, if carried, should be small;
  • Dancing shoes, formal pumps, sandals or ballet slippers; and
  • Stole, cape, cloak or an opera coat.
  • Jumpsuits are not permitted.

Scottish Highland Dress

  • Black coatee (Prince Charlie, Montrose and Sheriffmuir jackets are suitable);
  • Black or white waistcoat;
  • Kilt;
  • White pique shirt and vest with white studs and cufflinks;
  • Black or white bow tie or white lace jabot;
  • Black Ghillie brogues;
  • Tartan or red and white, red and black or blue and white diced kilt hose;
  • Flashes; and
  • Sporran (formal type with a silver-mounted cantle-top and fur pouch or a full fur and animal).

Hunting Dress

  • Scarlet tailcoat or, otherwise, the appropriate tails for the pack.

Military Mess Dress

White tie equivalent National Dress

Guests will be able to hire appropriate attire at a discounted rate from our soon-to-be-announced partners. Fittings will be held in College in Easter Term.

Please note that guests failing to adhere to the dress code may be refused entry to the Ball.